Lesser Known PPT Hacks: Quick Access Toolbar

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Everything you ever wanted to know about the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) in Microsoft Powerpoint!
Check out some of the most used QAT tools below:

Lesser Known PPT Hacks: 8 Shortcuts for your Quick Access Toolbar

So, where is the Quick Access Toolbar?

You can find the Quick Access Toolbar either above or below your Tab ribbons in PowerPoint. To customize the shortcuts, click on the drop down at the far right of the bar and click More Commands. Alternatively, you can also access it by going to File > Options > Customize Quick Access Toolbar. 

What should I add to the Quick Access Toolbar?

While you should take the time to go through All Commands, one-by-one, here are my most used and most unique commands added. 
  1.  Advanced Document Properties
  2.  Format Shape
  3.  Eyedropper Tools
  4.  Snap to Grid
  5.  Snap to Shape
  6.  Font Family & Size
  7.  Selection Pane

Quick Access Toolbar - Advanced Document Properties

  1.  Advanced Document Properties

Using this one you can change the embedded Title/Author info. This is helpful when you want to scrub a document before sending to client (so your name doesn’t show up as author). Also, this is the title that shows up in an exported PDF window. 

Quick Access Toolbar - Format Shape

  2.  Format Shape

Awesome for opening the formatting panel for any selected object! My most used at spot 1 (ALT+1).

Quick Access Toolbar - Eyedropper Tools

  3.  Eyedropper Tools

Helpful for matching brand colors or images quickly. Everyone needs this one!

Quick Access Toolbar - Snap to Grid

  4.  Snap to Grid

Turn on/off the snap to grid function. When a line keeps moving from where you drop it, this is usually the culprit!

Quick Access Toolbar - Snap to Shape

  5.  Snap to Shape

Turn on/off the snap to shape function. When a shape keeps moving from where you drop it next to another shape, this is usually the culprit!

Quick Access Toolbar - Snap to Shape

  6.  Turn Guidelines On/Off

Turn on/off the guidelines for easy viewing. Turning off the guidelines but not getting rid of them completely is really helpful when others are viewing your live file. Having this on the QAT is great for when working in the room with a client and they pop over to see the file for a question, I can flip the guides off quickly for less distractions.

Quick Access Toolbar - Font Family and Size

  7.  Font Family & Size

This one isn’t really needed but I like to include it because being able to check the font or size regardless of what tab you are working on makes life so easy!

Quick Access Toolbar - Selection Pane

  8.  Selection Pane

The Selection Pane is so handy for a number of reasons (see more here) including renaming, rearranging, locking and hiding objects. 

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